• Jun, 2016

    Authorized by K&S for Equipment, Capillary, Blades Business
  • In February,2015

    Matfron Industry Automatic (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd. is incorporation.
  • August,2014

    Started to finished products in the field of chip business to expand, MATFRON set up electronic components division
  • Marth, 2014

    MATFRON set up the branch in suzhou. 

    Authorized by the atlas manufacturing, establishment automatic assembly department.

  • 2013

    MATFRON have more than two hundred customers, annual sales breakthrough
  • 2012

    Set up factories in shijiazhuang, the production of the whole series of bonding wire
  • 2011

    Becoming the MPP and Bonotec agents
  • November, 2010

    MATFRON set up branches in shenzhen, began the development of the southeast Asia market
  • 2009

    Authorized by KCC
  • 2008

    Established in 2008 with Korean manufacturers KOSMA partners, introducing overseas Ceruna Capillary advanced technology products.
  • March 8th, 2006

    MATFRON (Hong Kong) semiconductor technology co., LTD. was established, and set up branch in Shanghai, professional provide semiconductor packaging materials.