• Sales Engineer (AA-Suzhou)

    Department:Automatic Assembly

    Responsibilities: 1, In charge of the area,expanding development of new customers and new business opportunities;

                          2, Planing and organizing sales activities to found that customer demand and convert potential opportunity to order;

                          3, According to company requirements, provide regular report work and market;

                          4, Establish a long-term, good and solid customer relationship;

                          5, Market information and industry information search and analysis.

    Requirements:  1, With bachelor degree or above, major in machinery, electronics, semiconductor and other related  professional;

                          2, The analysis judgment, strong ability to persuade and independent;

                          3, More than one year sales working experience;

                          4, Familiar with aotomatic assembly area;

                          5, Have good language expression ability and communication skill, familiar with computer operation,  good English reading and writing ability;

                          6, Work independently, high efficiency and optimistic personality, strong compressive capacity;

                          7, Adapt to frequent business trips.

    Deadline:Jan,2015 - Jun,2015
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