We are convinced that all the staff of welfare is important for the healthy growth of the whole company, is also closely related to sustainable development of the company. MATFRON is being created for staff planning the high value-added benefits system, our principle is to ensure and promote the welfare of the staff. 

Fixed wages: we according to the nature of jobs and employees are responsible for the staff to provide the industry competitive fixed salary, and every year we will hold on the performance outstanding employees salary adjustment.

Quarterly bonus each quarter: we will be based on employee performance to provide performance bonus for employees. Performance bonus directly reflect performance and contribution, reflect the performance orientation of salary incentive.

Employee retention plan: we provide perfect security program, including the provisions of the state of endowment insurance, medical insurance, inductrial injury insurance, unemployment insurance, birth insurance and housing accumulation fund.

Employees paid vacation plan: according to the length of service in the company, every employee will get 5 to 10 days of annual paid vacation, company encourages its employees to rest after the work, to ensure that work/life balance.

The company features benefits plan
1, Lunch subsidies, subsidies, phone, travel allowance.
2, Employee birthday gift.
3, Quarterly collective activity, team activities of tourism developing.
4, Free physical examination every year
5, Holiday gifts, annual conference
We provide more benefits for employees plan aims to create a comfortable working environment for employees, and implement the work life balance.We look forward to working with you hand in hand to create brilliant future!