01Spot supply service
  • With the global supply networks and years of market experience, to provide the most accurate stock information, including manufacturers, material code, production date, price, RoHS standards, packaging information and delivery date, etc.
  • A strict supplier audit mechanism as well as the incoming QC inspection, along with the ISO9001:2000 international certification standard of quality control process, help customers to strictly control the quality of each batch of goods.
  • 7 days - 24 hours global service, to acquire the market in the shortest possible time the most tight goods; Adopt FEDEX/UPS/DHL international express company such as transportation service quality transportation to ensure the accurate and on time.
  • Familiar with famous global EMS manufacturer procurement channels, including CPU, memory, integrated circuits, passive components and connectors and other products of market information, cooperate with sales team of professional technical support, we are able to offer before the market supply shortages and price rises, rapidly and in batches bought tight goods ready for the service.
02Low purchasing cost
  • Can deal with the large amount of price high device in the customer order material, offer lower prices.With more than 5000 suppliers of global procurement network of electronic components and the main flow control ability, help customers quickly and effectively find potential resources around the world, reduce the purchasing cost.
  • Components in the electronic components sourcing and distribution industry, price and purchasing quantity usually inseparable, Ming is being with a lot of customer resources, can effectively integrate the needs of customers, centralized purchasing.At the same time, due to regional price differences widely all over the world, we rely on the powerful information platform, able to quickly find a bargain.
  • Familiar with the world's large EMS joint procurement channels, can under the condition of the material resources nervous, still keep a stable supply channels.
  • Can according to customer needs, provide stock plan for long-term cooperation partners, from a batch purchase lower price and at the same time solve the problem of customer needs to change more.
03Bom supporting services
  • Integration of different customer bom, packaging, in order to obtain a lower purchase price
  • 7days-24 global hours service, is able to handle your needs a more flexible and fast, saving purchasing time
  • Swift safe logistics service, can save you more logistics costs
  • Professional sales and procurement team, to provide you with more procurement consulting, bom to purchase more comprehensive integration
  • A full range of financial support, let you do small batch purchase no longer worry about cash flow
  • Strict QC inspection, can let you rest assured purchase to meet your demand of any number of all materials
04Value-added services
  • The take-up service: In order to meet the needs of customers SMT lines, to provide the bulk or curly tubes of materials to service.
  • Components function testing service: With many international famous third-party authoritative test organization with close ties, to provide customers with components can test the service work, from chip packages onto the metal PIN component testing, from chip anatomy to functional testing, per device performance related testing service for the customer provides everything.
  • Drying and vacuum packing service: Provide humidity sensitive device of drying and vacuum packing service, to ensure that customer demand for production and quality control.
  • Substitute products recommended service: Senior technical engineers can provide customers with, recommended alternative products, from product specifications, the specifications, samples to engineering, a one-stop supply.
  • Logistics service: Can provide customers with all kinds of logistics service support, including global express support, warehousing, customs clearance, domestic value-added tax transactions, integrated optimization of customer logistics channel.