Supplier rating system
The implementation of ISO9001:2008 management system standards, strict review each supplier.Now has a large supplier rating system that contains details of the existing more than 5000 suppliers. Every quarter, our system will review all of the supplier and strict grading system.
  • (Level 1 supplier)
    Agent, authorized dealer, the original factory
  • Level 2 supplier
    OEM,ODM,EMS Factory
  • Level 3 supplier
    Have third party certification qualification (ERAI, IDEA, ISO) 
Quality inspection process
Step 1 Appearance test
All of the transport of goods, we will carry out appearance test, and do a detailed inspection records
  • Producer, manufacturer, quantity, date of production and environmental protection standard testing
  • Outer packing inspection, the packing are in good condition/integrity and packaging materials conform to the corresponding MSL standard requirements
  • Screen printing (Marking) test, consistency check, check the original factory specifications and documentation
  • Material appearance inspection, dust condition, whether deformation, Pin the feet if there were any signs of oxidation
  • Whether the HS CODE inspection, in accordance with the invoice/packing list information
Step 2 Engineer the re-inspection
Suspicious of all found in the surface testing, material, or the supplier channels than "tier one suppliers have to offer in the system Material, want to reinspect engineer
  • Check the appearance detection process
  • With reference to the quality control database, check the manufacturer's label/logo, coding identification
  • Bar code scanner
  • With the original factory to check the factory batch (Lot No.), production date, wafer/encapsulation origin
  • Simple e-test
Step 3 The quality test
All of goods in the process of engineer recheck, will enter the quality testing process
  • Solderability test
  • D-CAP analysis
  • Anatomy
  • Electrical conformance testing
  • Original test analysis report
Storage/Packaging/Shipping standards
  • Antistatic packaging
  • Wet acuity control
  • Constant temperature control
  • For each customer packaging requirements/label request to establish archives
  • For each customer establish archives for the transport requirement, choose the most fast, safe, economic mode of transportation
  • Quality control of database management
  • The quality control list, detailed record goods inventory information
  • Samples to put on file
  • Stock details photo archive
  • Shipment details photo archive
  • Unqualified goods data archive, supplier submit corresponding supplier audit/hierarchical management system process
  • Quality testing analysis/report on file
  • Original factory contact information on file